To increase healthy longevity by enabling seniors' purpose and independence through physical, mental and social habits they love to do.

Why: A mission should be the reason why you wake up. Your purpose. It must be important, you must feel it matters. Our mission matters because millions of seniors suffer from dependence. Their families, their loved ones, themselves, but also society and public health systems simply cannot cope with dependence and the inverted pyramid of the future. Enabling independence changing the world at macro level. It also changes the life of a loved one at micro level.


To improve the Frailty Index of over 50 million seniors by 1 standard deviation by 2026.

Why: A Big Hairy Audatious Goal is, by definition, hairy, audatious, and seemingly unachievable. But what if... we could actually improve the frailty index of 50 millions seniors by 1 stdev by 2026? What would that mean for Europe, for their families, for the public health systems, for society? And, if we have the right product, why should we not be able to achieve that? what stops us? It is big, it is hairy, it is audatious, and we can do it.


In the future, seniors enjoy their lives with purpose and strength until the very last few months, rather than suffer through their last few years.

Why: A vision is how we imagine the future. We imagine our loved ones passing away after enjoying great years of joy with their grandchildren, or executing their personal projects. We don't want to extend life per se, but life with good health. We want this vision for our parents, we want this vision for ourselves. While some efforts focus on extending life to 140, we will make sure people extend their youth years as healthy lifespan.

What is our X-factor

We are a mass iteration machine. We believe fun is critical to succeed.

Why: We will not be 10x better than others at AI, or Gamification, or the best tech. But we will understand the customer better than anyone. We will do more testing than anyone, we will know exactly why things fail for seniors, why there are no good apps out there for them.

Our Values:

Read them here: Our culture

We live our values in every decision we make. And when we make a decision which does not live by our values, we expect the rest of the team to call us on it, and so we can raise a better company with every step.

Why: Clear values help you navigate decisions, the important decisions. The decisions that define you as a company. Values are relevant when the two sides of the value could be equally defensible. E.g. Hard work or smart work? It probably depends on the company. Our values must stand for what we believe in, the company we want to build. And they must be difficult to achieve, or they will mean nothing. As an example, cutting certain corners is often reasonable. But when we say we are here for the long term, we must fight the primal brain, and consider the implications.